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NATTY TRAIN products are made in small batches. Hand stirred and hand cut. High quality oils and butters. NATTY TRAIN provides earth friendly products that are healing to your skin. Made in Cleveland, Ohio by a chick since 2005

Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

 Whether you have sensitive skin or not, I recommend washing a small area on the inside of your forearm with the soap to test for sensitivities. Know that everyone responds differently to skin products. What works for someone else may not work for you. Olive oil (castile) soap is very gentle to the skin but I have met people with olive oil allergies. They would not be able to use NATTY TRAIN soap or products. When buying any product, go through the necessary steps in order to make sure that it works right for youNot intended to treat or prevent any disease. If you have highly sensitive skin, stick with what you know and have used before without incident. If in the unlikely event you believe a product caused a skin irritation, stop use immediately. Seek medical attention if needed. Do not eat or alter soap. For external use only. In order to have a long lasting bar of soap, store in a well drained slotted soap dish between uses.