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NATTY TRAIN products are made in small batches. Hand stirred and hand cut. High quality oils and butters. NATTY TRAIN provides earth friendly products that are healing to your skin. Made in Cleveland, Ohio by a chick since 2005


Custom Clean

Custom Clean is a bar of soap that you design.

Soap designed with you in mind. Don't think that you have to buy what's on the shelf. Create your own bar of castile soap. 

Between 1-6 added ingredients to your personal soap. 

The basic NATTY TRAIN soap base is: organic extra virgin olive oil, food grade lye, and water. You pick the rest of your soap ingredients.

See the list below for the ingredients that can be added to your Custom Clean order--10 bars of soap. It will take between 1-2 weeks to get to your doorstep.

After you fill out the form, make sure you go to SHOP to pay for your order.

Choose your ingredients from the lists below........

You can pick:

No more than-

one superfat

one scent

one clay

one herb

two other additives

Note: You can add 3 other additives instead of 2 if a superfat, scent, clay, or herb is not added. There are no more substitutions. A total of 1-6 personal ingredients.


A super fat- extra oil/fat added to a bar of soap for dry skin. 

A scent - essential oils based on availability for pleasure and/or therapeutic use.

A clay - used as a fixative to hold a scent and provide a slickness to the soap (shaving), oil absorbing, adds minerals

A herb- to compliment your picked scent, added therapeutic use


Other Additives -

An exfoliant - a scrubbing ingredient to remove dead skin cells and stubborn dirt.

Natural colorant - adds muted color

more below.....


FINE PRINT: Below is some information on the uses of the provided ingredients that humans have found....useful. Not intended to treat or prevent any disease. I advise for you to do some research of your own before you proceed and talk to an herbalist and/or dermatologist.  If you have sensitive skin, stick with what you know and have used before without incident.

Super Fat Oils/Butters- leaves oils in the soap for added moisturizing benefits

Cocoa Butter - reduce skin dryness, improve elasticity

Shea Butter - reduce skin dryness, improve elasticity, 

Hempseed Oil - high in essential fatty acids, vitamins, & chlorophyll

Olive Oil - conditioning

Lanolin (aka sheep sweat)-  soften & soothe skin, antimicrobial


Apricot Kernel Oil- great on all skin types, nourishing

Castor Oil- deep moisturizer, anti-fungal

Essential Oils-(always adding more/based on availability) 


Bergamot - stimulant, citrusy scent 

Peppermintanti-inflammatory, stimulant,antimicrobial 

Lemongrassinsect repellent, uplifting, antimicrobial 

Sweet Orange- sweet citrus scent, uplifting, warming

Lavenderaromatic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, sedative


Patchouli acne, antimicrobial

Clove - antiseptic

Citronella -insect repellant

Tea Treeantimicrobial 

Anise- licorice scent, natural deodorizer

Geranium- rose scent, uplifting, inflammation

Clays- adds a bit of minerals to your soap and helps seal in scents

Kaolin(USA) - sensitive oily skin

Fullers Earth(USA) - facial bleach, acne prone

Bentonite(USA) - oily skin, shaving

French Green(FRANCE) - stimulates skin, tightening pores

Rhassoul(MOROCCO)- fits different skin types, soap-like as in it swells



Herbs- all herbs are a mild exfoliate--can be added as a tea if exfoliation is not desired

Specify "tea" or "bulk" or "both"(counts as one additive)                                      

Lavender- aromatic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, sedative (buds loose purple color)

Lemongrass- insect repellent, uplifting, antimicrobial 

Patchouli- acne, antimicrobial

Calendula Petals- wounds, fortify skin

Rose Petals- anti-inflammatory



Lemon Balm- antiviral

Coffee- redness, inflammation, helps get rid of odors

Peppermintanti-inflammatory, stimulant, antimicrobial

Chamomile- anti-inflammatory, wounds

Other Additives-                              



coffee grounds/fine

poppy seeds/coarse

orange peel/fine



Natural Colorants-(muted colors)












honey- natural skin softener

colloidal oatmeal- soothes dry skin

aloe vera juice- soothing


Name *

Please, if you have any questions or suggestions, use the form above in the message box. Read Terms and Conditions.

Between 1-6 added ingredients to your personal soap. To make it easy on you....check to see if we already make what you want.

After you fill out the form, make sure you go to SHOP to pay for your 10 bars of custom soap.

Your personal order will get to you in 1-2 weeks. There are no refunds on custom clean soap orders. Thank you.